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No other single event creates as many incidents as the handing over from one shift crew to another.  Operations personnel must know the specific state of the process at the point of handover.  A comprehensive view of the process must include many different kinds of information such as Safety Logs, Operational Logs, Real-Time information, Lab Information etc.

With the j5 Handover System, as a console or field operator you:

  • See a comprehensive set of all the data relevant to your area that has been collected automatically by the system.
  • See key real-time, mobile and lab data in your area that has been automatically appended to your handover
  • See Work Order and Work Instruction information that relates to your area for the shift
  • See HSE* information like Permit to Work, Incidents and Compliance Information, appended automatically
  • See a summary of the personnel on the shift with you
  • Run through an end-of-shift checklist to confirm that everything has been done safely
  • Drill down into any of the attached logs to see more details
  • Can add notes, comments and highlights to the handover
  • Escalate important items to the supervisor for attention
  • Instruct the system to email key logs to other users
  • Follow the required steps to sign off the handover safely for the incoming operator or boardman

As a Supervisor, Superintendant or Manager, you:

  • Are comfortable that the operators and boardmen are performing comprehensive, safe handovers according to the enforced procedures
  • See an automatically prepared handover report for your own area and can see any of the other handovers in the system
  • Have a clear documented summary of all the relevant information at the point of handover for your area
  • Can see such information such as:
    (i) A summary of all the KPI  related logs,
    (iii) Critical real-time data,
    (iv) Any outstanding Work Orders or Instructions,
    (v) The status of checklists,
    (vi) Lab results and
    (vii) Who was on the shift and who carried out the handover
  • Can drill down to see the details of any of these entries
  • See previous handovers or search for handovers that contain key information
  • Add comments to the handovers or to the items in the handover
  • Instruct the system to email reports to nominated personnel

As a System Configurator, you:

  •  Quickly set up any number of handover reports at any level
  • Configure the workflow such as the start of each shift, who hands over, etc.

*Health, Safety and Environment

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