Can j5 work for my industry?

The j5 system is a complete logging system package designed to replace home-developed systems that use paper logs, Excel, Wikis and other systems, so any industry or institution that uses logging systems in one form or another can benefit and thrive by using the j5 product suite.

As well as extensive deployment in the Oil and Gas and Power industries, j5 has been successfully deployed in a range of other industries. Click here for client examples.

j5 is also ideal for any industrial site where information is currently being collected by process control devices and meets the need for middle and upper management to get on-line real time and historical information simply, effortlessly and cost effectively.

The j5 product suite boasts many built-to-spec applications, custom-made for specific clients and industries. With its outstanding and professional development team, St James Software can tailor-make a solution to fit your business needs.

In addition to our own sales and support team, we partner with knowledgeable and experienced system integrators and distributors who are there to assess your needs, launch the system for you and train your staff with no effort required on your part.

j5 is for you if you need a system that:

  • Replaces outdated and inefficient logging techniques such as paper-based logs.
  • Provides a critical user interface allowing data transfer between operations, planning, management and engineering.
  • Offers an all-in-one comprehensive package comprising architecture,  applications, tools, services, connectivity, presentation and standards
  • Is web server based – the application need only be installed on a single machine and it can run on all varieties of Windows or Linux, can use any of the key databases such as Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL and be accessed through all modern browsers.
  • Interfaces seamlessly with your current equipment and process monitoring systems like DCS or SCADA systems. The ability to connect to OPC sources means that the system will interface to just about any device.
  • Interfaces flawlessly with mobile solutions and third-party software such as IntelatracTM  and OPC PI.
  • Has an advanced means of capturing manually entered information in addition to collecting real-time, remotely-captured and historical information from your other systems and has an elegant means of combining and collating all collected information so that it can be included in reports, shift handovers, used in data analysis and is immediately available to every authorized user on the system.
  • Has a time-tested, highly scalable and extremely flexible architecture that can change to meet the changing needs of your business.
  • Offers an integrated user management system with strict security measures ensuring that only authorized personnel may access the system via a comprehensive authority-based system centered on user groups.
  • Is highly configurable: There are over a hundred configuration parameters that can be used to tailor applications to the specific requirements of the end user.  It comes with a multitude of different applications, all of which are tightly integrated into a single framework, and from which you select to meet your needs, such as:
    • operating logbooks,
    • handover management,
    • shift reports,
    • personnel management,
    • permit to work,
    • compliance management,
    • incident management,
    • maintenance management,
    • dashboards,
    • advanced process control,
    • project management,
    • shutdown and start-up management,
    • procedure management,
    • LIMS systems and more
  • Comes with an integrated report designer that can enable users to quickly create complex industrial reports, schedule them and email them to multiple relevant recipients.
  • Comes with guaranteed maintenance and comprehensive support from a top-notch team of developers and partners.

In addition to the world-class, industry-standard software packages, St James Software and its partners provide a comprehensive portfolio of services from project support, to training, development and after-commissioning support. Our support options extend from simple low-cost emailing support to technical consulting to 24 – 7 support.

To find out more about how j5 could enhance your business, contact our team here or email